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Social Life in Iskenderun

Iskenderun, located on the coast of the bay bearing its name, is a modern city within the Hatay province. Leaned against the Nur Mountains rising like a wall just behind the shoreline, Iskenderun is a green and warm tourism hub throughout the year. The city, encompassing various ethnic cultures, serves as a source of respect and affection. Being a melting pot of ancient and modern eras within the same geography, it stands as a beacon of civilization. With its shopping centers, seaside promenades, entertainment and educational facilities, and holiday resorts, it is one of the prominent districts. It predominantly experiences a Mediterranean climate. Regular cultural events, appealing to people from all walks of life, are organized, ensuring Iskenderun's perpetual freshness. The city maintains its dynamism both during and after working hours, offering numerous entertainment and leisure opportunities. It facilitates various activities such as cultural and technical tours, outdoor sports, and water sports. With the majority of its population belonging to the young and middle-aged groups, the city is dynamic, rapidly evolving, open to innovations, and supportive of progress. Simultaneously, it stands out as a distinguished city with ease of living and a focus on residents' safety.