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Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE), one of the youngest and one of the few technical universities in Türkiye, has been operating since its foundation, recognizing the importance of safeguarding our national values on one hand and acknowledging that the globalizing world is a knowledge-based society on the other.

ISTE has embraced the principle of maximizing benefits to its students through its academic and administrative staff. We operate within the framework of "university-industry-public-society" cooperation to realize our vision of becoming a "unique" university that prioritizes innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, embodied in our distinct teaching and research model, Technoversity.

We welcome all who seek to explore and contribute to the advancement of science, develop solutions to national and global challenges, and swiftly adapt to the evolving world conditions at Iskenderun Technical University.

With its quality education, advanced technological infrastructure, social amenities, and campus environment, you will become part of a community of which you can be proud. As a university committed to social responsibility, ethical values, and driven by enthusiasm and self-confidence, rest assured, we will continue to provide unwavering support.

Warm regards and best wishes.

Prof. Dr. Tolga Depci