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Opportunities Provided by Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE)


ISTE Vocational Training in Business (VTB) is a system based on full-time employment principles, aiming to integrate students into the business world in line with  their vision and goals during the final stages of their undergraduate or associate degree studies.
VTB encompasses a period during which students are not responsible for any courses other than those within the program, allowing them to work full-time without the obligations of attending classes or taking exams during the integration process.
Primarily, this program aims to support the industry by enabling successful students -who spend a semester working in the business world- to transform the needs of the institution where they work into projects.
VTB is not merely an internship program; it is tailored for successful students who have chosen the VTB track, possess no outstanding courses, and are conscious of the sector in which they seek integration.


An integrator is a prospective engineer, specialist, or technician who will spend their final semester in practical training within the business world. The integrator's passing grade will be determined 50% by the academic advisor and 50% by the unit supervisor where they work.
Integrator students' insurance will be provided by ISTE.


One of the primary goals of Iskenderun Technical University, as envisioned by "TECHNOVERSITY," is to educate its students, regardless of their department, as "TECHNOLOGISTS" - innovative and entrepreneurial technology managers. To achieve this goal, the university has introduced the course "TECHNOLOGY LITERACY" (mandatory) into the curriculum of all its departments for the first time in Türkiye. Through this course, students are introduced to technology and technological literature, enabling them to understand how knowledge can be transformed into technology and how technology influences and will influence professions and society at an early stage. Thus, they acquire the knowledge to prepare themselves for the future. Through this course, our students also gain information about the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem" directed by the ISTE Technology Transfer Office (ISTE-TTO). By constantly evaluating their education and research processes within this technology-intensive ecosystem, our students have the opportunity to develop themselves as "TECHNOLOGISTS" until graduation. As ISTE, we provide students who demonstrate sufficient success in the "Technologist Exam", which is prepared for final-year students aiming to transition from the level of "TECHNOLOGY LITERACY" to "TECHNOLOGY MANAGER," with a "TECHNOLOGIST CERTIFICATE," thereby contributing to the future of Turkey's technologists.


The Diploma Supplement (DS) is an additional document provided alongside a higher education diploma, aiming to enhance international transparency and facilitate the academic and professional recognition of qualifications and skills acquired. It describes the nature, level, context, content, and status of the completed overseas education for the individual named in the original diploma. It does not carry any value judgment, equivalence, or recognition statement. It is designed to be flexible and non-imposing, intended to save time, money, and effort. It is designed to be adaptable to local requirements.
The Diploma Supplement is awarded to all students who successfully complete our associate and undergraduate programs at our university.